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​​a person possessing special powers of imagination or expression.
Aka - YOU!

​​After a rare cancer diagnosis in 2016, I noticed more than ever how empowered I felt when wearing nail polish. My life felt as though it was changing at a rapid rate, but my bold nails helped me to feel stronger and (somewhat) in control through really challenging times.

From a health perspective, I wanted to make sure the nail polish I was using was the cleanest and safest it could be (as traditional, commercial nail polishes can be full of nasty ingredients and toxins, eek!). I loved finding new brands and colours to try, and incorporating them into a self care routine. 

In 2017, I had the wild thought of creating my own nail polish brand. (Who, me? YES!) I wanted to create a fun brand built on empowerment, passion, self care, connection, and self expression. 

The next five years were filled with ideas, planning, and samples. Oh, and getting through cancer and a pandemic. Nothing like some obstacles to delay big dreams. 

But now, here we are. 

A clean, plant based, non toxic nail polish, made without 14 questionable ingredients. We are also vegan, cruelty free, Halal suitable, Australian made and owned, and female owned and led.

Poet is a nail polish for you. A healthier alternative for you. A nail polish to empower you, to connect with you, and to inspire your imagination and creativity, and all without judgement, confusing jargon or pretentiousness. In short, let’s be besties and paint our nails together! 

We donate $1 from every order to Look Good, Feel Better, an organisation that helps improve wellbeing and confidence for people undergoing cancer treatment. This is a cause so close to our hearts, and you can read more about them here

Phew, writing an about page is really hard, but I think we’ve nailed it.

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